CEO of neats - Matthew H. Johnson Sr.


Being involved in Corporate America for over 20 years taught me a lot and something that always stuck with me was that if you identify a problem, make sure you come to the table with a solution.  

During my travels I found myself discreetly cleaning my dining utensils before meals.

By no means was this a disrespect to the restaurant where I was dining, I simply wanted to ensure that I was taking preventive maintenance so that I could work, enjoy my travels and not be cooped up in a hotel sick.

What were my current options?  

I could continue wiping away nasty germs and bacteria by dunking my utensils in a glass of water in front of everyone or play it safe by carrying my own utensils, but deep down inside I knew that there was a better solution.  

Searching the internet for days and months I could not find one, so I created it myself.    

I knew that for customers to be acceptable of neats it had to be alcohol-free, biodegradablenon-toxic with no aftertaste, easy to us and travel friendly.  

Today, neats utensil & travel wipes is a reality that has been used for dining in restaurants, on airplanes and cruise ships, college dining halls, corporate cafeterias, sporting events, concerts and yes customers have enjoyed using neats on their hands and faces.

I believe that you should not have to risk your health and the health of your family to enjoy eating out and traveling.